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Thorndike Mills

Thorndike Mills rugs are the premier choice of interior decorators. To ensure their high-quality standards, they commission spin their own yarns and manufacture every braid used in their rugs. Every Thorndike Mills rug bears the human touch-from hand wound fabric, individual stitching to final hand inspection, ensuring you the highest quality braided rug in the industry. All Thorndike Mills braided rugs on Wayfair are offered with Free Shipping! In Colonial times, floor coverings were a necessity - a means of covering rough-hewn floorboards and blocking the harsh winter air from seeping inside. The rugs of yesteryear were made of old and outgrown clothing, cut into strips, then fashioned into long braided strands. These braids were Today, Thorndike Mills melds the techniques of yesteryear with modern day technology. Using only the highest quality NEW cloth material or yarn-spun fabric, Thorndike Mills creates authentic reproductions of Colonial Americana, as well as designs to complement today's country decor with their original design heirloom quality braided rugs. T.M.I. boasts some outstanding construction qualities, including: superior cloth construction, yarn construction and sewing threads. T.M.I. is the only manufacturer of true cloth braids. No filler materials are used. The cloth material is guaranteed to be a commercial-color match. In their yarn constructed products, their braids are filled with a new blend of pre-shrunk natural and synthetic fibers. Unknown fillers can, either in the course of use or cleaning, emit dyes bleeding to the surface or sub-floor or cause shrinkage, which could lead to improper wear or buckling. Lastly, T.M.I. uses only shoe-grade-spun polyester with a cotton warp for sewing threads. The characteristic of cotton, combined with the strength of polyester, will not unravel or breakdown over a period of time. Their sewing thread is carefully color coordinated to the color scheme of the rug and is sewn using a lock-stitch method to prevent unraveling should a stitch break.
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